Christmas in Florence, between dreamers and depressed people

Christmas in Florence, between dreamers and depressed people


In Florence, a city that venerates art as a religion and consumerism as an art, Christmas here, as in any other part of the world, is full of dreamers and depressed people. The majority of them have unattainable and hideous expectations about Christmas. While some strive to manifest an insurmountable aversion to all the commonplaces outlined in these days, for others there is nothing comparable to the emotion and deep joy that Christmas time brings. For better or for worse, Christmas produces a major disruption in the spirit of almost everyone. Christmas decorates us and not the other way round. A golden ornament here and some colored lights there and voilà: we are happy and feel terrific. We complain heavily about Christmas and the feigned happiness of all its acts without noticing that this superficiality and cult for appearance is what we do on a daily basis.

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