Gardens of Florence #12: Serre Torrigiani

Gardens of Florence #12: Serre Torrigiani


It is a real privilege to visit the Torrigiani garden and greenhouse (serre) in Florence. Linked to the Serre Torrigiani greenhouse, Vieri Torrigiani Malaspina has always devotedly taken care of the garden. You can see this is his real passion when he talks about its charms to visitors. “I was born in this garden and I have spent here and in the country side all my entire life. I graduated as Agrarian Engineering in Florence and in the seventies I expanded the existing small plant nursery to exploit it as a company, besides taking care of the garden for me and my family,” comments Vieri while I think to myself, “What a marvellous thing to have grown up here.” Torrigiani is one of the oldest aristocratic families of Florence. The first fashion show linked to the Pitti fashion events took place in this location.

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