Florentine landscapes and impressions

Florentine landscapes and impressions


Some of my friends do not understand why I live in Florence, while others believe I tend to idealize it too much. The most surprised by my choice are Italians, including the Florentines themselves. To all, even me, the explanation resides within the words of the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, as written in the foreword of Impresiones y paisajes (Impressions and landscapes, 1918): «We ought always to understand by pouring our soul over things, by seeing the spiritual where it does not exist, by shaping all with the charm of emotions. When in solitary places, it is vital to perceive the ancient souls that have passed through there; it is essential to be one and, at the same time, to be a thousand, in order to sense in all nuances. We must be both religious and profane. Indeed, to imagine the mysticism of a severe Gothic cathedral along with a wonder of pagan Greece. To see and feel all in eternity brings the reward of having no boundaries, no horizons.”

Impresiones y paisajes florentinos

Algunos amigos no entienden por qué quiero vivir en Florencia. Otros creen simplemente que idealizo esta ciudad. Por norma general, los primeros sorprendidos suelen ser italianos o los propios florentinos. Federico García Lorca escribió en el prólogo de Impresiones y paisajes (1918): «Hay que interpretar siempre escanciando nuestra alma sobre las cosas, viendo un algo espiritual donde no existe, dando a las formas el encanto de nuestros sentimientos, es necesario ver en las plazas solitarias a las almas antiguas que pasaron por ellas, es imprescindible ser uno y ser mil para sentir las cosas en todos sus matices. Hay que ser religioso y profano. Reunir el misticismo de una severa catedral gótica con la maravilla de la Grecia pagana. Verlo todo, sentirlo todo. En la eternidad tendremos el premio de no haber tenido horizontes». Quizá en estas palabras encontremos algunas respuestas.

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Paco Neumann

Paco Neumann is a journalist, photographer, proofreader, flâneur and perpetual amateur currently living in between Florence, Berlin, Paris and Tenerife. He´s been a regular contributor to fashion, art, trend and lifestyle magazines and worked for news, advertising and communication agencies

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