CLET: the street artist behind the ‘customized’ traffic signs in Florence

CLET: the street artist behind the ‘customized’ traffic signs in Florence


Street art does not survive in Florence as much as in Berlin. However, it has its representation with Clet Abraham (1966, Brittany). He has lived in Florence since 2005 and has today a shop and atelier in the neighbourhood of San Niccolò. His actions in the urban furniture, consisting of customizing traffic signs with stickers, bring nothing but joy to all visitors. CLET converts traffic signals into works of art without altering their function. He was first accused of abusive invasion of the public space in May 2017. The attractive French artist has been convicted by an Italian court to pay a fine of EUR10,400 for one of his works (L’Uomo comune) on the bridge alle Grazie.
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CLET: referente del street art en Florencia

En Florencia el street art no tiene tantas posibilidades de sobrevivir como ocurre en Berlín. Clet Abraham (1966, Bretaña) vive en Florencia desde 2005. En el barrio de San Niccolò se encuentra su tienda y atelier. Sus intervenciones en el mobiliario urbano, consistentes en «tunear» las señales de tráfico mediante stickers, gozan de la simpatía del visitante. CLET convierte las señales de tráfico en obras de arte sin alterar su función. Acusado de invasión abusiva del espacio público, por primera vez en mayo de 2017, CLET ha sido condenado por un tribunal italiano a pagar una multa de 10 400 euros por instalar una de sus obras (L’Uomo comune) en el ponte alle Grazie.
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